Brilliant! Renting Mothers’ gowns and bridesmaid dresses

We’re often asked whether we carry Mothers’ outfit or Bridesmaid dresses… well, we don’t.  We ran out of space!  However, we found an amazing option for both… and let us introduce Rent frock Repeat!  We think this is a fantastic option instead of having to buy an expensive piece that will never be worn again.  Brides… your maids and mums will LOVE you for this referral and you can help raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation at the same time!

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Why BUY a new designer dress when you can RENT one for up to 90% off the retail cost.  At Rent frock Repeat (, we believe that fashion isn’t just about owning stuff: it’s about walking into a room knowing you look good. The right dress can change everything. It can make you feel elegant, beautiful, and confident — a real Cinderella moment. Our goal is to create this moment every time you rent with us.  We shop the best designer dresses from around the world, visiting top fashion shows and showrooms. Then, we make the dresses available to rent for up to 90% off the retail price. Save money, closet space and reduce your fashion carbon footprint by renting a frock for any occasion. Use that cash for the perfect pair of shoes, put it in your vacation fund, or maybe give it to your favourite cause — we know you’ll find a million reasons to Rent frock Repeat.

Book a free, private fitting at the Toronto showroom by emailing

Important Note!!

Rent the Dress, Donate the Rest:  Use of this code will flag RfR to set aside 10% of the rental for donation to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  The code is: BRIDEPROJ

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