Luck of the Irish… on Friday the 13th

Just last week we posted about a dress that arrived from a couple who married at a castle in Ireland, and today we follow up with a new donation that also hails from a wedding that took place in Northern Ireland.  On Friday (April) 13th, no less!

Manuela had this to say,

I stumbled over your website when I was looking for inspiration. I was looking to give meaningful favors and not the traditional things. When I saw your website I knew then I was going to give my dress to you even before it was completed!  :) We also ended giving a donation to cancer research instead of favors in memory of our loved ones.

The dress, well my mum made the dress from scratch so it is my pride and joy, it is a one of a kind piece.

My mum, well she is the greatest mum on this planet! She worked so hard on this dress and she made it perfect!!! She lost her sister and her mother of cancer and just a month ago she lost one of her best friends and we were all very close. So we are all very grateful we can contribute to fight cancer and hopefully make some else happy!

We certainly agree that her mum is one in a million, and her workmanship is phenomenal!  Manuela was kind enough to share these great photos of herself with wonderful hubbie Daniel who accompanied her when the dress donation was made (photo credits to their friend Anna Leckey from AJS Photography).  Thanks so much for this beautiful contribution to the cause, and our wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness Daniel and Manuela!

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