The Wedding Handbag

The reason most women carry a handbag is because they like to have everything they need readily available when they need it most, especially in situations that might ruin your plans if you aren’t prepared (think locking your keys in your car before an appointment and realizing you have a spare key in your purse).  The Wedding Handbag has taken that efficient approach and applied it to online wedding planning by providing all the tools needed to avoid those pesky wedding planning jams. It’s like having a handbag full of everything needed to throw the wedding of your dreams!Right from online rsvp, online seating plans, delegating wedding planning tasks, to creating a wedding planning list, you can do everything in one place accessible anytime, anywhere.  The most loved feature is the wedding website. Making a wedding website is fun when it doesn’t require coding or extensive technical knowledge.  For a one time membership fee you have access to all the planning tools, a wedding website and timely customer service to help you along the way.  Try it out by registering for a free 30 day trial at

Let The Wedding Handbag know that you found them through The Brides Project and they will donate 10% of your sale to cancer charities.  Just send them an email at:

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