We have 100′s of veils in stock in a variety of styles, trims and colours, most are brand new and made by Helen!

Appointments are necessary for veil consultation and you must already have purchased your dress.

We have 100′s of veils in stock in a variety of styles, trims and colours, most are brand new and made by Helen!  Our veils are simple, classic and cost-conscious.  You will not find fancy veils with beaded trims or applique unless we happen to have one knocking around that was donated.

You can book your veil appointment using the button below.  You’ll need to know the colour of your dress first!

How to choose a veil

My personal opinion: These days, a lot of dresses are strapless and some with a corset back. In seeing many of them, the best match I have seen is a butt length veil in one or two tiers, with edging to match the gown or simply a cut edge so that it becomes ‘one’ with your gown!

For drama… nothing beats a chapel or cathedral length veil.  Two popular options are a cut edge – so it can blow in the wind, or lace edged to create a train.

Some Sweet options for your veil

  • Colours: white, diamond white, ivory
  • Trims: cut edge, ribbon (satin or organza), thin satin cording, round satin cording (rattail), lace and tons of other options.
  • Embellishments: Swarovksi crystal can be scattered on your veil to pick up some sparkle and light
  • Lengths: waist (29″), butt (32″) fingertip (42″), waltz (52″), chapel (7ft) and cathedral (9ft)… and anything in between.
  • Tiers: 1, 2 or more!
  • Cuts: top hem (standard).  Some centre cut veils are in stock.
  • Fullness: there is a variety from minimal to mushroom head!


In terms of pricing, here are the starting points for simple veils.

  • Fingertip or shorter:
    • 1-tier: $60
    • 2-tier: $90

(These prices apply to cut edge, cording, ribbon, rattail (cording) and bias trim.)

Add scattered crystal: $30/tier

  • Waltz or longer (Chapel or Cathedral):
    • 1-tier: $80
    • 2-tier: $110 (blusher length second tier)

Add scattered crystal: $50 on long tier

A note about lace: Lace varies in price from $1/metre to over $300/metre.  If you would like a lace trimmed veil, you can bring me the lace and I’ll make it for you.  I don’t keep a lot in stock because tastes in lace are like tastes in fine wine!!!  Just because it costs a lot doesn’t mean anyone likes it 😉

Custom Pieces: If you don’t find the length/number of tiers you’re looking for on the racks, some can be made in custom lengths and/or have embellishments added.  Prices vary for custom pieces.

We also have a few feather fascinators and birdcage veils for that vintage look!  We also highly recommend Karyn Gingras of Lilliput Hats to custom design the perfect piece for you and/or create perfect fascinators for your wedding party!  You do not need an appointment for fascinators or birdcage veils.

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