We have a HUGE selection of dresses!
One comment we always get is “I had NO idea you had so many!”
Prices range from under $300 and are capped at $1500.


It’s true, we have about 500 dresses, about two-thirds are previously loved, and one-third are donated by our generous partners.  FYI… “Donated” does not necessarily mean “used”.  Donated means people with great big hearts offering something without a price.  Our used dresses come from brides who donate their gowns with amazingly huge doses of great karma, and they actually sell faster!  They’ve been proven worthy with a trip down the aisle, and are ready for another.  Many come with notes passing on good wishes for you and your day.


We have everything from David’s Bridal pieces to high end designers.  You will frequently see dresses by Allure, Sincerity, Bridalane, Essence of Australia, Maggie Sottero, Paloma Blanca, Mikaella, Sophia Tolli, Venus, Alfred Sung, DaVinci, etc.  The retail value of the dresses ranges from several hundred up to over $5000.


Here, dresses are priced at approximately 1/2 the retail value or capped at $1500.  Most destination dresses average about $250-300, typical polyester wedding gowns are about $600, and our collection of high end silks and laces average about $1000.  We also occasionally have some pieces worth a lot more that we cap at $1500.

How current are they?

Brand new dresses are often donated from salons once they are discontinued each year.  You are very unlikely to find the current year’s dresses that are in magazines and being sold for full retail price in salons for obvious reasons… salons need to make a living too!!!   Used dresses are often from the previous year’s collection as well.  In a nutshell, if a dress is still being sold at full retail price in a salon, we’ll see it next year.  Please do not write and ask if we have a specific dress… many come without style numbers and we do not have a catalogued inventory.

We regularly go through and refresh our stock to make sure it’s not too old.  Dresses over 5 years of age are re-donated to other charitable organizations.

Find us on Facebook or Instagram for the latest arrivals

We don’t have an online inventory because it changes too quickly, but we do try to post new additions when photos are available.  We post those pictures on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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