And a few oodles more…

Yep, they keep on comin’!!!  Many, many thanks for the generosity of the brides who brought them in.

First we have Ashley’s dress that is a dream made of lace :)

ashley no pro

And, in keeping with the lace theme, Christine brought us her Pronovias which is like 2 dresses in one!  It has a trumpet lace silhouette underneath a full lace overskirt.  Yowza.  Photo thanks to Lini Campbell:

C&Cam - Wedding  0066 compressed

Just to switch it up a little, one of the newest trends we are seeing is a bit more Boho… and dresses that are fairly minimalist but completely romantic.  Here’s Natalya’s gown, photo courtesy of Lindsay Oosterhof Photography:

bratalya-0018 compressed

And finally, a real classic.  This Richard Bullock piece is extremely well made, and truly is timeless.  It’s got an off-the shoulder silhouette that is very flattering, and the simplicity of something I’d expect to see Jackie O wearing!  Thank you Hilary!  (Photo courtesy of Jess Cockburn).

HilaryLukeWedding-907 compressed

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