Nanny Angel Network – Our new Beneficiary!


We are so excited to announce the beginning of our partnership with NAN, the Nanny Angel Network.  This is an organization that we are entirely jazzed about working with – we love what they do, see the importance of the gap they fill and think that you’ll be equally thrilled.

Briefly put, NAN is designed to provide in-home childcare support to help mothers who have been diagnosed with cancer, require palliative care, or for families needing relief during the bereavement period.  This allows mothers to focus on their own care; doctors appointments, run errands, get rest, or simply have a few moments to themselves.

They are currently able to help about 100 families, and need our support and your support to provide these incredible services to more families.  One of their future plans is also to implement a program called “Moms Cancer Conversations” – this is about providing tools for mothers to be able to have that conversation with their child, spouse or employer about the cancer diagnosis, illness and death.

We invite you to learn more about who they are and what they do!!  We’ve all been touched by cancer, and perhaps you know a Mom who could desperately use their help.  Or, if you have childcare experience, perhaps this is a place you would be interested in volunteering!  Spread the word and visit for more details.


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