The next Vera Wang!

Back in May, 2015, I was contacted by Sara, a remarkable high school student from Heritage Regional High School in Montreal. She explained that in secondary 5, all students have to do a personal project and she wanted to make a wedding dress.  One of Sara’s passions has been drawing wedding dresses, so she wanted to actually create one of the gowns she had sketched.  For anyone who has even tried to sew something from a pre-fabricated pattern, they’ll understand that designing and making a wedding dress from scratch is an incredible challenge for even the most adept, and something that very few would ever attempt!  (myself included)

Even more exceptional was Sara’s desire for her effort and expenditures to be put to good use, so her dream was to find a place where it could raise money towards treating and helping to find a cure to cancer.  She found us, and I was ecstatic.

And now I’m even more impressed.  Last night Sara sent me photos of the finished product… her masterpiece… and I am thrilled to share it with you!  I’m willing to bet that the first creations by all those famous designers out there would be easily matched or exceeded by this gorgeous piece.  And yes, one very lucky bride will find it here and take it for a spin down the aisle… and hopefully share it again so that it can be enjoyed many times over.  Thank you so much Sara, and congratulations on the beauty and creativity you have shown in your design and workmanship.



The Brides' Project