Dress donations can be dropped off without an appointment during our business hours (Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5, Wed 6-9, Thurs 6-9).  Only wedding gowns are accepted, and must be 5 years old or less.


Dress donations:

Dress donations can be dropped off at our shop at 431 Broadview Ave without an appointment during our shop hours (Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5, Wed 6-9, Thurs 6-9).  We do not do pick-ups.

We encourage you to leave a note for the next lucky bride, and feel free to include your email address if you would like the buyer to drop you a line!

At our Toronto location, we sell gowns that are 5 years old or less due to client demands and space limitations!  Please see below for dresses that are more than 5 years old.  We cannot accept bridesmaid or mother of the bride dresses.  Please leave any preservation boxes at home, and just bring the dress!

Please download and print the Gown donation form at the bottom of this page and bring it with your dress!


  1. Do I need an appointment?
    1. No, you don’t.  Please feel free to drop by during our shop hours (Wed 6-9, Sat 10-5 Sun 12-5) to drop off your donation.
  2. Does my dress need to be cleaned first?
    1. Absolutely not.  They get tried on… sometimes several times… and being white-ish will show dirt easily. Our seamstresses are linked with cleaners to provide those services, and EVERYTHING comes out!!  If you are donating a dress that has been cleaned, please leave the preservation box at home.
  3. Do you accept bridesmaid/mother of the bride dresses?
    1. No, we don’t have space unfortunately.  Try some of the prom support groups for your bridesmaid dresses!
  4. What if I’m not in Toronto?
    1. Don’t worry!  We regularly receive dresses from all over Canada. If the gown is sent via Canada Post using the following hints, it shouldn’t cost more than about $15-20 to post it, and it will arrive in great shape.While this might sound odd, the best way to send it is to take it out of its ‘gown coffin’. Turn it inside out, and roll it up like a sleeping bag. Then pop it into the smallest box it will fit into. This is how gowns are sent from one of our major donors. The Brides’ Project address is on our home page.  Please include the gown donation form at the bottom of this page, and if you like, you can include your note on a nice card for us to attach to the dress.
    2. There are also many local drop-off spots listed at the bottom of this page.
  5. What if my dress is more than 5  years old?
    1. We only accept dresses from 2013 or later.  There are many community groups who work with fixed/limited income clientele who repeatedly mention the value of a wedding gown to a bride who might not otherwise be able to afford one.  In Toronto, try DoubleTake on Gerrard St.
  6. Do you issue tax receipts?
    1. We do not issue tax receipts. We do not fall under CRA guidelines for issuing tax receipts. We issue statements of the value of the donation for salon/corporate donors only. We need a statement of the value of the goods at the time of donation. We sign a letter attesting to receiving this donation without recompense for your accountant, and they are written off your inventory at that value.  As your accountant will tell you, this allows you a great write-off while making a very meaningful and important contribution. Thank you.

Local Donation Drop-Off Spots

This is NEW… and we’re hoping to really build the list, so if you or anyone you can recommend might be willing to participate, drop us a line.  Basically we just look for someone to collect dresses locally, and once several are ready, either drop the dresses off in Toronto or make arrangements for shipping.  Please note… as a donor we welcome you to contact a local drop-off spot, but PLEASE… do not ask them to pick up!!!  Since there are costs incurred, dresses must be 3 years old or less.  If older, you’re welcome to send us a photo and we can let you know if we feel we can find a home for it.  Bridesmaid/mothers’ outfits are NOT accepted at Drop-Off spots.  We also ask that preservation boxes are left at home and gowns put in a bag for transportation (while inelegant, garbage bags are fine!).  Please print and submit the Gown Donation form at the bottom of this page with your dress and/or include it in a special card for the next bride.

1. Sudbury, ON

Contact: Stephanie

email: steffiellie@hotmail.com

3. Ottawa – central

Contact: Janet

email: thebrideprojectottawa@gmail.com

4. London and area

Contact: Melissa

email: melissa.taylor687@gmail.com

5. Kitchener/Waterloo & Cambridge

Contact: Gaby

email: thebridesprojectkw@gmail.com

6. Owen Sound, Grey and Bruce Counties

Contact: Jacinda

email: jacinda9@yahoo.ca

7. 400 Corridor: Barrie, Innisfil, Thornton, Alliston, Angus, Bradford etc.

Contact: Emily

email: ebelgrade@rogers.com

8: Burlington

Contact: Julie Datta

email: juliedatta@gmail.com

10. Sault Ste. Marie

Contact: Christina Coutu

email: christina@christinacoutu.com

11. North Bay

Contact: Kathy

email: kathrynfeige@gmail.com

12. Montreal

Contact: Amanda

email: montreal@thebridesproject.com

13. Etobicoke, Mississauga (drop off in Etobicoke)

Contact: Nancy

email: nancy@theeventista.com

Cash Donations:

Love what we do but don’t need a wedding dress or have one to donate?  

That’s okay!  Through our partnership with the Sick Kids Garron Family Cancer Centre, cash donations are more than welcome.  To make an online donation, please use this link: http://www.sickkidsfoundation.com/page/TheBridesProject


Gown Donation Form:

Brides’ absolutely LOVE to receive a special note from you, and we welcome you to bring a special card to attach and pass on with your dress.  We also ask that you download, print and bring this form with your dress donation so that we have other details to help with labeling and pricing your dress! 


The Brides' Project