Helen Sweet

Okay, so you’ve got the venue, you’ve picked your flowers, you’ve got the dress and accessories…

… you’ve gone for tastings of hors d’oevres, cakes and everything in-between to the point of wondering if the dress will fit…

… you’ve got a limo that looks like a bus on wheels complete with flashing neon signs and champagne on tap…

… you’ve detailed every possible combination of family members in terms of ‘must-have’ pics for your photographer, and had too much wine while doing so and have requested strange poses that are physically impossible… (reminding you of  TWISTER)

OH, and you’ve got the man/woman to marry as well!  Mustn’t forget that …

But something is missing.  Egads… got the list, checked it twice… checked again…

Okay, okay… I’ll look for divine inspiration… and this should give you a clue!

THE OFFICIANT!  Someone to legally marry you on the big day in the event that you’re not having a church/synagogue/mosque wedding.

<sniff, sniff>  Why do couples forget about us and how we can make your day!  After all, these guests are coming for a reason… the marriage … not just the food and the open bar!

Your ceremony does not have to be boring, formal, long or remind you of Charlie Brown’s teacher droning on and on… quite the opposite.  Your ceremony should be a great reflection of you two as a couple, and the values you share.  It can easily set the mood for the day, whether light and celebratory or more serious.  It’s up to you.  So is the content, aside from a few legal requirements.

Helen Sweet is a licensed officiant who has performed oodles of marriage ceremonies of every kind – including same sex, inter-faith, secular, Bhuddist, etc.  She’d be happy to talk to you about your ceremony, and how to make it unique and memorable.   She’s done ceremonies that vary from 30 second “cover the legal requirements” to audience interactive comedies, and is quite happy to come and make your day different and unique.

The important thing is that she cares about making this part of your day as enjoyable as possible, and the best reflection of the future you envision together.  Her approach is highly consultative, and she will guide you with the content and procedure.  Most importantly… she makes you feel comfortable during your ceremony, and understands it can be a very stressful and emotional part of your wedding day.


(photography courtesy of Azure Blue)

Helen does weddings primarily in the downtown core (e.g. Distillery, Berkeley, etc) and other accessible spots via TTC.  However, if she’s not available, she’s happy to refer you to colleagues who can help!  Drop Helen a line here, and include your date, time, and ceremony location!

(Small print… officiant may be a tasteful red-head without notice).

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